It’s Ok To Talk About Our Mental Health

As it’s mental health week we felt it important to champion the idea of speaking up when we’re in times of need.

We’ve all had moments in our lives were we felt overwhelmed, and we will continue to have them because life ebbs and flows. We will come under pressure from time to time and speaking about it, whether to a friend or family member, is a great way to find peace, and solutions, with it.

We can, in periods of worry or stress, bury ourselves away in our thoughts which tend to spiral downward with no end. This is frivolous, and won’t be of any benefit to our mindful state. If we’re stuck thinking in one perspective, “the negative, about something well then we have to seek other perspectives.

So how do we find another perspective?

It can be done by challenging ourselves to think of positive thought,s however unless you’re disciplined at this practice it can relapse very quickly. But there is another way which is very powerful. And that is to approach people whom we trust, people who we feel care about us or people who may have a valuable insight related to what we’re going through.

This will help your mindset in a number of ways.

Firstly you will begin to feel like you’re not alone and isolated, this is a powerful feeling that can have a liberating effect. You’re no longer trapped inside your own mind trying to fight it single handedly. Once we know we are not alone we can open ourselves up to find other people who are going through, or have gone through, what we are currently feeling.

It’s hard when we’re stuck in these challenging mindsets, and sometimes we feel there is no end. But speaking to people you can find someone else who has experienced this in the past, and take solace in the fact that they made it through. Which will be like finding a light at the end of an otherwise abysmal tunnel.  

Typically when we’re bogged down in a negative mindset it’s hard for us to find solutions to it, just like it’s a broken record constantly playing the horrible tune. But by opening ourselves up and speaking to others we can find possible solutions or positive things to look at, that were previously blind to us. Having another set of eyes to examine the problem at hand can help us lift a weight off our shoulders and show us that there is a way out and more importantly that others care too.

There are many benefits to speaking out, and yet it isn’t widely done, from the HSE’s report on Mental Health And Awareness Report “62% said they would not want others knowing if they themselves had a mental health problem” of a 1000 people study. That’s staggering.

Why wouldn’t people want to get help ?

It’s simple, people feel their is a stigma attached to someone who speaks openly about mental health problems. This stigma alone is the reason we should all speak out and open up, so people who feel like they can’t realise it’s ok.

Some people could be worried it may affect their job or relationships if word got out, so they bury it within their own minds. And this may seem like the right thing to do at the start but eventually it will grow into something that you can’t handle. So it’s best to take a positive approach from the beginning.

And this isn’t just some airy fairy nonsense, it’s backed up by studies and facts. Speaking out helps, and we’ve got the numbers to prove it. Out of the HSE’s study, they queried  people who had mental health problems at some point about what worked the best to help them.

  • Talking to a friend or family member |
    • 86% of people who experienced mental health problems said it helped |
    • 95% of professionals in the field say it helps
  • Speaking with people who have had a similar experience
    • 84% of people who experienced mental health problems said it helped
    • 89% of professionals in the field say it helps
  • Talking therapy such as counselling or psychotherapy
    • 77% of people who experienced mental health problems said it helped
    • 96% of professionals in the field say it helps

And even before we found this study we got an honest insight from Michael in our interview which we shot with him. He told us the impact going to speak to someone had on him and how it helped him get through the low times.

“The doctor said I needed to speak  to someone so I did. I went to a professional and clicked instantly. We talked through everything, I was really open and honest and she helped me realise stuff I hadn’t realised and it helped me pick myself up again.” – Michael Quinn, Drummer.

It must be stated that speaking to people was the most successful method in helping people get through their problems. And the pharmaceutical “solution” of taking a pill was considerably lower, I’m sure this is due to the long list of side effects that come with taking antidepressants. So before anyone considers that option we should explore the more wholesome one of speaking to people.

Professional services to speak to people are the following:


1800 80 48 48


116 123


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